The print media for Star Wars and all of its characters, planets, and vehicles has never been as robust as it is today. No matter your GFFA fancy, there is a novel/book/comic/guide that will interest you and get your fingers turning (or swiping for the digital crowd) through the pages.

With the “Journey to The Last Jedi” publishing program already in full swing as we wait for the theatrical release of the film, spent time speaking with Lucasfilm publishing’s creative director Michael Siglain to give us some insight into where the world of Star Wars literature will be headed in the future.

And in case you missed it earlier, you can watch a video of the entire Lucasfilm publishing panel that took place at NYCC 2017 this past weekend.

Mysterious histories, unexplored locales, shifty characters — all of this and more are being added to the Star Wars universe on a regular basis. The world of publishing is constantly expanding the boundaries of what we know about the galaxy through books and comics for fans of all ages. Maybe a story introduces a new character, maybe the pages feature a different style of storytelling, or maybe an entry explains the ins and outs of X-wing tech. Publishing is seizing opportunities to explore and experiment with a broad range of material.

To celebrate Star Wars Reads, a month-long appreciation of Star Wars books, we connected with Lucasfilm publishing’s creative director Michael Siglain to talk about where we’ve been and where we’ll be going as we approach the release date of The Last Jedi.