The official Star Wars website has announced a new book series which will allow you to take a ride onboard the Millennium Falcon connecting all eras of the Star Wars story, with brand new adventures featuring Lando, Han, Hondo and more!

She may not look like much, but the Millennium Falcon has got it where it counts. And this fall, can exclusively announce that kids of all ages will get the chance to climb aboard and make the jump to hyperspace with a new series of stories, “Flight of the Falcon,” from Lucasfilm Publishing.

Landing at a docking bay or bookseller near you in time for Star Wars Reads in October, the series of books and comics about the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy will help connect different eras of Star Wars storytelling through the adventures aboard the beloved ship. Each fiction title will include a map to trace the literal flight path and help readers understand the time and place where each story is set.

Head over to the official Star Wars website for the full story.