Empire Reveals Subscriber Cover For ‘Solo’ Issue

Slated to start arriving next week on April 19, we have a look at the artwork that will be used on the Empire magazine subscriber cover for their dedicated Solo: A Star Wars Story issue. The cover design was created by the extremely talented artist Dan Mumford and features the Millennium Falcon outracing an Imperial Star Destroyer and a squad of TIE fighters.

Click the cover image below for a larger view.

Of course you know the Falcon — the Solo subscriber cover for Empire’s June issue, drawn by Dan Mumford, depicts the iconic ship flying not-so-casual through a swirling lightning-filled vortex, pursued by an Imperial Star Destroyer and a swarm of TIE fighters.

Inside the issue is an exclusive look at the Ron Howard-directed Solo, which sees Hail, Caesar! break-out star Alden Ehrenreich step bravely into the boots of one of cinema’s most iconic characters.