Empire Magazine: The Rise of Skywalker Covers For November 2019 Issue

Empire Magazine will be celebrating the conclusion to the Skywalker saga with three different covers themed around Rey and Kylo Ren from The Rise of Skywalker for their November 2019 issue. The standard magazine covers which feature Kylo and Rey locked in a fierce lightsaber battle when placed side by side are scheduled to hits newsstands next week on October 3. The subscriber cover which sees Rey and Kylo standing back to back in a more passive manner illustrated by artist Paul Shipper should be arriving in mailboxes soon.

Empire is also offering a special bundled price for both newsstands issues. Click the image of each cover below for a closer look.

In the November 2019 issue, Empire speaks to Abrams, co-writer Chris Terrio, and franchise boss Kathleen Kennedy, to talk the momentous task of bringing the saga home, following up The Last Jedi, and tying back into all three eras of the story. The magazine comes in two covers, each adorned by one of the sequel trilogy’s Force-sensitive leads – first up is Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren, or Ben Solo, back in his signature helmet (now with rupturing red cracks) and wielding his crossguard lightsaber.

Secondly, fighting back from the Light Side is Daisy Ridley’s Rey, bearing the iconic Skywalker lightsaber that has recurred through the entire trilogy of trilogies.

This month’s exclusive subscriber cover is a bespoke illustration by Paul Shipper, featuring both Rey and Ren bathed in light and cloaked in darkness.