Empire Magazine Exclusive Sith Troopers Image From The Rise of Skywalker

Empire Magazine has revealed an exclusive image of a squad of Sith Troopers preparing for battle that will be featured in their January 2020 issue centered around The Rise of Skywalker. Click the image below for a larger view and for more on this new red-clad trooper class from Episode IX, point your browser here.

Across the entire Star Wars saga, we’ve seen all kinds of stormtroopers – your regular garden variety, Snow Troopers, Death Troopers, Scout Troopers, and more. And now in the final chapter of the Sequel Trilogy, we’re about to meet the Sith Troopers – foot soldiers of the First Order, who have abandoned the classic white armour for deep crimson garb befitting the growing threat of the dark side in the galaxy far, far away. Empire has a brand new image of the Sith Troopers in The Rise Of Skywalker, as seen in the upcoming massive Star Wars issue.