Elsa Charretier’s $60,000+ Kickstarter Campaign Artbook is Finally Here

We have good news for those of you who backed Elsa Charretier’s Kickstarter Artbook. Elsa has informed us that she has started shipping out the orders and they will start arriving with you all shortly.

The campiagn took off beyond her inital goals within hours and continued to surpass each new stretch target set for extra content. As the targets continued to tumble, the total money pledged reached over $60,000.

But, Elsa has further news for anyone who didn’t back the original campaign. The artbook has now been made available to non-backers and you can pre-order a copy by visiting Elsa’s Etsy website. The artbook is a 120-page hardcover priced at $30. It is a collection of her best pieces, covers, and detailed process of her storytelling work. Excerpts and more information can be found on her original Kickstarter page.

We sure you are all eagerly awaiting the postman to deliver your copy.

Look out for a Jedi News review of the book coming soon! In case you missed it, you can also read our interview with Elsa from last October from when she talked about her career so far, her work on Star Wars Adventures and the launch of her Kickstarter campaign. Also be sure to follow her on Twitter, Instagram and her website for sneak previews of her upcoming work and updates on the shipping of her artbooks.

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