Doctor Aphra #1 Out on April 1st, Or Is It?

We are hearing confusing stories about this weeks Marvel releases including the relaunch of the Doctor Aphra series due out on Wednesday. Chris Arrant over at Newsarama picks up the story.

On Wednesday, announced that Marvel Comics’ Doctor Aphra relaunch would be coming out April 1 as originally solicited but as a digital exclusive, but Marvel has revealed to Newsarama that this is inaccurate.

According to a source at Marvel , the solicited April 1 Doctor Aphra #1 will not be released April 1 digitally or in print, despite Lucasfilm’s post, as well as the now outdated listings on comiXology and Marvel’s own digital storefront.

The release schedule for all comic books was thrown into disarray earlier this week when the effects of coronavirus led the Direct Market’s leading print distributor, Diamond, to suspend distribution of comics beginning April 1.

Lucasfilm, who operate, seem to have crossed their wires, along with comiXology, Marvel digital listings and even Diamond’s own, who also maintains listing an April 1 release, according to our source at Marvel.

The larger question remains, however, if and when any comic books from major publishers like Marvel and DC will be released digitally while print distribution is on hold. The major publishers in the Direct Market have largely remained silent on the topic despite inquiries from the comic book press.

AWA, which is run by a former Marvel publisher and Editor-in-Chief, announced on Wednesday it would be serializing its planned print books digitally during the Diamond stoppage. VIZ Media has said it will contribute print distribution through its other distributors besides Diamond. To date, no other print publishers have announced any specific, amended plans for its solicited releases.

The team at Jedi News have been in contact with Marvel and Lucasfilm for the official answer to this question. Stay tuned and we will update you as soon as we know more.