Dark Horse Comic Reviews


We’ve got some more reviews of a few of the Dark Horse titles that have been released recently – just remember to be mindful of possible spoilers!

Legacy #18
This issue the final part of the story about how Darth Krayt came into being including a memorable encouter with the Yuuzhan Vong.
At the same time Darth Krayt also tries to lead Cade to the dark side.  Will he ultimately be drawn?  We’ll find out in the next issue.  I can’t wait!

Dark Times #7
We find out a bit more about Crys Taanzer who is a member of the crew of the Uhumele.  The ship that Bomo Greenbark has been travelling on since he left his home planet.
We also get to find out what has become of Jedi Master K’Kruhk and find out how he is linked to this member of the crew of the Uhumele.

Knights of the Old Republic # 24

The various Taris Resistance groups band together in order to try and overthrow the Mandalorian occupation which leads to a plan to try and reach the former Jedi tower.
Of course Zayne is involved in this along with Shel, a former love interest who now wants to kill him and Raana Tey, one of the Jedi who killed his fellow padawans and guess what, she does not like him much either.  Will they get out of this one?


As previously reported, the big news on the comic front 2008 sees the year of Vector which links all 4 stories running in the comic front.  Look out for these at your local store.

Not a figure collector or autograph hunter Richard prefers to look for the more unusual collectables although his Star Wars toothpaste from the USA may now be a bit dodgy!