Dark Horse Comic Reviews

We’ve got a couple more Dark Horse comic reviews of titles that have been released in the last few months.  Read on to find out what’s happening in the ‘Rebellion’ and ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ story arcs…


Rebellion #9
As the various different parts of Sardoth’s plans come together we see many of our heroes face tough choices about what they should do and how this will affect the rest of the team and the whole planet.

Will they pull it off? Can Wyl face up to the demons that have been haunting him? 

Once again another excellent series with some really brilliant artwork.  The story is set just after a New Hope but there are none of our favourite heroes in it.  Darth Vader is there, representing the Empire though.

Rebellion #10
Wow, check out the front cover.  A three way lightsaber battle with all combatants wielding red bladed sabers.  How cool?  At the same time Wyl and Laynara finally get to do the job they were sent to do.  Will they succeed?  Will everyone get out OK?  What about crimelord Raze?

Is it going to be the happy ending that we hoped for?

Knights of the Old Republic #18
As the Mandalorians continue their invasion of the galaxy we are getting to know Lord Adasca.  What is his relationship with Camper and how does Jarael fit into all of this.

Meanwhile what is renegade Mandalorian Rohlan up to and what about Zayne and the rest of the escapees from the Courageous?

Knights of the Old Republic #19
At last Lord Adasca’s plan is revealed involving the giant space slugs.  Sound familiar?  What are his plans and who has come to bid for control of them. 

How do our heroes Zayne, Jarael and Camper fit into all this and what will become of them?

Not a figure collector or autograph hunter Richard prefers to look for the more unusual collectables although his Star Wars toothpaste from the USA may now be a bit dodgy!