Cover for Alphabet Squadron Novel Revealed, New Marvel TIE Fighter Comic Series Announced

The official site gives us our first look at the final cover art that has been selected for author Alexander Freed’s upcoming novel Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron. This new 320-page title from Freed (which we have learned will be part of a trilogy) was officially revealed back in October during New York Comic Con and is slated to be released later this year on June 11 (you can place your pre-order right here).

The character featured on the novel’s cover is named Yrica Quell and is an Imperial defector who pilots an X-wing fighter.

In addition to the cover for Alphabet Squadron, has announced a new comic miniseries is on the way beginning in April from Marvel written by Jody Houser titled Star Wars: TIE Fighter and will tie into the events of Freed’s novel. Check out all the details copied below including an image of the Alphabet Squadron cover as well as the cover art used for the first issue in the TIE Fighter comic series (click each supplied image for a larger view).

From a certain point of view, the rebels are traitors to the Empire, putting the innocent people of the galaxy at risk. In the last days of the Galactic Civil War, an elite squadron of TIE fighter pilots, known as Shadow Wing, is assembled to protect Imperial interests.

Starting in April, you’ll meet these brave pilots in Star Wars: TIE Fighter, a new Marvel miniseries set in the time of Alexander Freed’s forthcoming novel Alphabet Squadron, which we are happy to announce will be a trilogy. The exciting new crossover series from Del Rey and Marvel comics, set after Return of the Jedi, will follow the brutal fallout during the fall of the Empire from both sides of the battle.

The comic series is written by Jody Houser, who penned both Marvel’s Star Wars: Thrawn series and the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comic adaptation, with art by Rogê Antônio and other acclaimed artists, including cover art created by the team behind the recent Darth Vader comic series, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Elia Bonetti.