Cover & Excerpt From Alphabet Squadron: Shadow Fall Novel Released

Officially revealed during last year’s New York Comic Con, we have our first look the cover artwork and an excerpt for Star Wars: Shadow Fall, the second novel in author Alexander Freed’s Alphabet Squadron trilogy series. This new Star Wars publication content comes to us exclusively via this posting on io9 from earlier today. Click the image below for a larger view of the cover and then head on over to their website for the excerpt text.

Shadow Fall is scheduled to be released June 23 and can be pre-ordered here.

Last year, Del Rey’s excellent Star Wars novel series gave us a tale of damaged pilots amid the formation of the New Republic in Alphabet Squadron, a spiritual successor to the X-Wing books of the old Expanded Universe. Now, io9’s got an exclusive look at the second book in the trilogy—where we’ll really get to know Alphabet’s mysterious remnant foes.

io9 is excited to reveal the very first look at the final cover for Alphabet Squadron: Shadow Fall, the second in Alexander Freed’s planned trilogy telling the story of the titular ragtag squadron of pilots brought together by New Republic Intelligence who, operating under General Hera Syndulla, go after the Imperial Navy’s 204th fighter wing: Shadow Wing, pilot Yrica Quell’s former unit.

The first book in the Alphabet Squadron series was announced back in October 2018. A few months later, revealed the official cover artwork that had been chosen for the novel.

Justin LaSalata
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