Comic Review: Poe Dameron #20

Published: October 18, 2017
Rating: Rated T
WriterCharles Soule
PencilerAngel Unzueta
Cover ArtistArif Prianto

General Leia Organa gave Poe Dameron an important task…Try to locate and find the mysterious Lor San Tekka! And our hero may be close than he thinks!

The Story: 

The first issue of the Legend Found story arc opens on the planet of Cato Neimoidia. A neimoidian is giving a tour to a group of visitors, providing a brief history of the planet and species. After the events of the Prequel Trilogy, the neimoidians concentrated on security and their planet now houses some of the most prized possessions in the galaxy. While the tour is in progress, one of the guests drops some concealed droids before cloaking himself and letting the group leave without him or her. Thanks to the droids, the intruder is able to make his way through the planet’s vaults until they find a sphere that is designed by both the light and dark side. Before anything else can be said or done, the intruder is stopped by neomoidian security and the intruder revealed as Lor San Tekka.

Returning to D’Qar, Poe finds that BB8 has had his black X-wing repaired. Knowing that BB8 can’t have done the repair work himself, Poe enquires to who did do it. The reader is then introduced to IVEE, an astromech who is apparently BB8’s girlfriend. We then briefly see C-3PO finding something that needs reporting to Leia and the droid scurrying off in search of the general.

Still on D’Qar, Karé and Snap are deep in conversation, with Karé telling Snap that they need to have a break. Her reasoning is her head needs to be one hundred percent in the fight and not thinking about Snap. Snap doesn’t agree and walks off.

The final members of Black Squadron, Zari and Jess, are discussing the issue Jess is having with the astromechs not wanting to fly with her, an issue that doesn’t get resolved as C-3PO interrupts in his search for Leia. Before C-3PO finds her, Leia is discussing how fragile the Resistance is, that one wrong move could finish them. When C-3PO does find her, he informs her that Lor San Tekka has been found. Leia immediately calls for Black Squadron and tells them that they need to go get him. Finding him could lead them to Luke, and with Luke everything will change. The final page shows San Tekka in a cell.

The Review:

Wow! Let’s just start this review with that! After the amazing run of issues from this series, I was a bit worried that the standard that had been set would not be maintained. Boy was I wrong. They haven’t stayed the same, they’ve been rocketed up! Let’s get the obvious out of the way, yes the art is jaw dropping (as always) and yes the writing is fantastic (the humour of the droids with Jess is still the best I’ve seen in Star Wars outside of the movies). Now, let’s get to why this is so good….

With the  run up to The Force Awakens, the comics from Marvel had little bits and pieces suppose to make us guess what we might be seeing when the film came out (Finn is Han’s son?!). When the film came out these little pieces stopped. Then it was announced that the Poe Dameron series was coming out and that the first arc was about Black Sqaudron finding Lor San Tekka. Then that stopped. Well here we finally have a return to that first story arc and some huge story developments that could give clues to what we will see in The Last Jedi.

We finally get to see Lor San Tekka, who is trying to find an object. This object is…well we don’t exactly know. I would guess it is a holocron, similiar to the one that Ezra and Maul used in Star Wars Rebels. Firstly, I like the link to the TV series. Secondly, San Tekka comments that it is made of both light and dark, an issue that seems to be central to The Last Jedi, at least to Luke and what he has been doing in isolation. So surely, this artifact must have something to do with Luke? And if it is a holocron, well questions arise so quickly to make me think this could provide vital information about The Last Jedi… Which Jedi and Sith made it? Will it provide a vision like in Rebels? Or did Luke already see a vision when it was created which was why he went searching for the first Jedi temple? I could go on. The point I’m trying to make is, that this story has a lot of questions that seem to be tied up with the next film release. The fact that there are so many issues arising from one comic is a credit to the writer and I hope the future releases will not disappoint. As a story, you could tell this was a reintroduction of the characters for new readers, and yet it had everything needed to entice and excite fans who have been with the series since issue one.

Now I will return to everything else about the issue, as there were some other fantastic elements. Droids seem to be playing a big part. We have the idea that droids can…date(?!) with BB8 and IVEE. We also have the notion that the droids are also superstitious. Droids in the Star Wars universe are evolving. This evolution is utilised so well against the back drop of the Resistance. We have Poe, who has given his all to the cause, yet has no one. We have Snap and Karé who are going on a break for the Resistance. We then have Leia saying how small the band is and could be wiped out in the blink of an eye. Yet it is the droids that are still ‘living’, while the ‘living’ characters are halting everything for a cause, for an ideal.

The other aspect of the issue I loved, was the return to Cato Nemoidia. To link back to the prequels, as well as possibly to the future of Episode Eight, was very well handled. The evolution of the planet after the collapse of the Trade Federation is a well thought out one. I had my doubts initially when Lor San Tekka appeared to break in so easily, and yet within a few frames the security detail was there. This comic has bridged all three trilogies and has done it seamlessly.

If you have ever been looking for an excuse to start reading Poe Dameron this is it. The issue is a perfect jumping on point for any new readers, as well as a great start to the story arc for established fans. The writing for Poe goes from strength to strength and with The Last Jedi looming, it seems that this series will be providing vital insights to what we can expect to see. Not only that, but each issue seems to be so jam packed with thoughtful writing and deep issues that you feel you are getting much more than just one comic. If you have only time for one comic series in the Star Wars universe, it needs to be this one!

Cover Variants:


Regular issue

40th Anniversary Variant Cover by Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson


Poe Dameron #20 was released on 18th October 2017. Poe Dameron is an ongoing series available from Marvel. Issues #20 – 25 and Poe Dameron Annual 1 will be collected in a trade paperback (29 May 2018) entitled Star Wars: Poe Dameron Vol. 4: Legend Found. You can order it now from the following links for the US and the UK.

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