Comic Review: ‘Jedi of the Republic’ – Mace Windu #4

Published: November 29, 2017
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Matthew Owens
Penciler: Edgar Saul Salazar Arteaga, Denys Cowan
Cover Artist: Jesus Saiz

Mace’s faith in the Jedi path is tested when he is challenged – by one of his own!

The Story:

The issue begins with a flashback to a planet called Mathas. A Jedi Master and Apprentice are walking the streets, with the master explaining to the padawan that there is a heretic on the planet that is claiming to be a Jedi. With the disappearance of an actual Jedi, they have come to investigate and to stop the fake Jedi from exploiting the people. We are then introduced to the Jedi; Jedi Master Cyslin Myr and Jedi Apprentice Mace Windu.

The story then jumps back to the current time, with Mace fighting against Prosset. Rissa and Kit are watching the fight.

The Story then flashes back to Mathas, where we see Master Drooz, the fake Jedi, manipulating one of the natives, before Cyslin and Mace enter. Drooz runs off, but not before setting the people onto the two Jedi. Mace tries to chase after him, but Drooz releases a thermal detonator that both Jedi have to deal with. Cyslin orders Mace to continue after the fraud while she saves the people.

With a one page flashback to the fight between Mace and Prosset, the story once again returns to Mathas. After dispatching several guards, Mace finally catches up to Drooz , his lightsaber blade to his neck.

Back in the present, we see Mace disarm Prosset and hold his lightsaber to his opponent’s neck. This leads back to Mathas, where Master Cyslin catches up to Mace, telling him to not kill Drooz.

In the present, Mace explains that they will let the council decide Prosset’s fate and proceeds to knock him out with his lightsaber hilt. With Prosset locked up, the three remaining Jedi discuss their next move. The story ends with Kit Fisto blasting a hole through the droid base and coming face to face with a large number of battle droids…

The Review:

I can’t say I was particularly excited to read this issue when it came. The previous three issues have made me think that there is no hope for this series. Thankfully, this issue was a pleasant surprise! Now don’t get me wrong, I still think there could be some major improvements and the comic is far from perfect, but at least some things have improved.

The biggest difference with this issue, is the flashbacks that take place throughout the story. It was this subplot that made me want to read more, not the actual storyline. The flashback starts with what we presume to be Mace and Depa, but turns out to be Mace and his Master. We see the internal struggle that Mace has trying to control his anger, which we then see in the present, where Mace has learnt control. The similarity to Anakin Skywalker is very noticeable, and it is interesting that Mace had such a similar path. To get such background on Mace’s character is really what has saved this issue. With such short flashbacks to the present, I would have much preferred the whole issue to be set on Mathas.

The actual story moved very little in this issue. I found I didn’t really care what happened, particularly with such an interesting subplot. I was also surprised to see in the crawl that it says that, “Prosset discovers that the Jedi Council knew about the valuable energy source.” I had to go back and check the previous issue, but I couldn’t find any confirmation of this.

To say this was a good issue would be a stretch. The actual story, the one that should have hooked the reader, was of little interest and only got in the way of the flashbacks in this comic. However, those flashbacks provide a rare glimpse into Mace’s past and show us a young Mace, who is similiar to the Chosen One. It is not enough to save the story, and I can’t imagine the flashbacks will return for the conclusion, but it is some welcome relief to what we have had to endure so far.


Mace Windu issue 4 was released on 29th November 2017 and part of a five comic series available from Marvel. This issue is available via the Marvel App and all good comic book stores. This issue retails at $3.99.

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