Comic Review: Droids Unplugged #1

The Creative Team:

Published By: Marvel Comics
Released On: 
28 June 2017
Rating: None
Writer: Chris Eliopolous
Penciller: Chris Eliopolous

The Synopsis:

Collecting three stories featuring everyone’s favorite droids! What adventures did the probe droids in The Phantom Menace get into when Darth Maul wasn’t looking?

Luke’s got a mission for R2-D2! But can the astromech complete it in time?

And all BB-8 wants is to help…two Resistance soldiers fall in love!

The Plot:

This one shot comic collects the three stories by Chris Eliopoulos that were originally found in Darth Maul #1, Star Wars #25 and Poe Dameron #1.

The first story, Probe Droid Problem, takes place during The Phantom Menace when Darth Maul has landed on Tatooine. The probe droids are released from the back of the Sith Infiltrator and fly off. The reader follows one of these probe droids, who hears a cry for help down a hole in the sand. The probe droid goes down the hole to discover a droid trapped under a rock. The probe droid pulls the trapped droid from the rock and lifts him out of the hole. The probe droid continues on its mission only to be captured by Jawas.  In the Jawas’ sandcrawler there is an explosion and the probe droid is rescued by the droid that was trapped previously.  When returning to Darth Maul, the probe droid decides to stay with its new droid friend, rather than leave Tatooine.

The second story, Droid Dilemma, is set on the planet of Reamma, which is hiding a temporary Rebel base. Inside the base, Princess Leia informs Luke Skywalker that a cargo vessel is missing and that it is his mission to go find it. Luke tells R2-D2 to get the x-wing ready and he will be there soon.  R2 races off but gets stalled by a Gonk droid getting in his way.  Once past the Gonk droid, R2 has a problem with a Treadwell repair droid, who R2 zaps with an electric charge.  He then encounters C-3PO, who tells him off for speeding around. Not listening to 3PO, R2 continues to race on and avoid numerous obstacles until he finally reaches the X-Wing. Luke tells an exhausted R2 that the cargo vessel has arrived and the mission is canceled.

The final story, SaBBotage, is set on the Resistance base. BB-8 notices a male X-Wing pilot gazing longingly at a female technician. The droid soon notices that the technician is also staring at the male when he isn’t looking.  BB-8 rolls into action and pulls a wire from the pilot’s X-Wing. The pilot quickly fixes it and carries on. BB-8 pulls another piece off the X-Wing but is spotted by the pilot.  The very angry pilot tells BB-8 to go.  BB-8 then races to the technician and starts to bump into her until she too is angry with the little droid. The pilot and the technician fall into one another and begin to talk. The technician asks the pilot if he’d like to get something to eat. As the two walk off, the technician quickly runs back to kiss BB-8 and thank him.

The Review:

When I started to find these stories at the end of issues of my usual Star Wars comics, I was a bit perplexed. These stories did not suit the tone of the issues they were in and with the extra length, I would have much rather Marvel had given me more of what I had paid for. However, in a single issue collection, these stories are a lot more enjoyable. They are short reads, as most of the story is told through the art as opposed to text. This makes them a great read for children as they can follow the stories themselves. The art is cartoonish but suits the tone. From an adult perspective, the last story SaBBotage, is the stronger story. With a bit more dialogue, it makes for a fast, enjoyable read and it was great to see a cameo by R2-KT included.

But the real question is, is it worth getting? If you are like me, you already have these stories in your collection. I was hoping to see some additional pages, perhaps another exclusive story, yet Marvel has simply reprinted what we already have. Although I enjoyed rereading these and took more notice of them than I previously had, I can see no reason for fans who have the comics with the stories originally in, to go out and purchase them again. This seems like a marketing ploy to get more money out of fans. Unless you have your own young padawan, who you would like to introduce to Star Wars comics, then save your money.

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Droids Unplugged #1 is a one-shot comic from Marvel and available from all good comic stores now.

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