Comic Review: Darth Vader (2017) #8

Published: November 15, 2017
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Charles Soule
Penciler: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Cover Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli

LEGACY’S END BEGINS! As Vader takes his place in command of the Emperor’s secret Inquisitorius Program, he sets his sights on one of the most dangerous Jedi remaining alive…and it’s not who you’d expect.

The Story;

An Imperial Officer grasps athis throat in the Emperor’s office. The Emperor commands Vader to release him and the officer drops to the floor gasping for air. The Colonel is thanked for his report by the Emperor and hopes that his Divisions performance will be improved and he is free to go.

Vader is causing the Emperor some concern. With the Jedi gone, Vader will find it difficult to find worthy opponents, they are surrounded by lesser beings who only deserve their contempt. This is good, but Vader but the relationship is at a point where he is their Master and the will of the Dark Side is his tool. But this can change where these lesser beings become the Master and he will be their tool. He is asked to think about his actions as the Emperor does not wish to rule a galaxy of the dead.

Coruscant. The Former Jedi Temple.

Jocasta Nu exits the hidden door in the statue of a Jedi Knight. She looks on in disbelief, what have they done to this place that was so beautiful? Her commlink chimes, she tells Beetoo that she is now in the temple, but Beetoo has been found. On the vid screen he can see Coruscant Security attempting to enter the blast door he is behind. Jocasta thanks Beetoo for the information and she will now need to change her plans accordingly.

The security officers are investigating an energy reading, but it may be down to a power coupling fluctuation. It may not be a job for security, why not send a droid. The chances of insurgency has some of those in power paranoid, but surely to infiltrate the temple would be suicide.

Beetoo moves to the Jocasta’s start fighter and connects to a port. The doors to the hangar open, to reveal Beetoo and the star fighter. He rotates the connection to trigger a massive explosion which rips through the hangar.

Temple Archives.

The Grand Inquisitor sits reading the books of the Jedi library. On a balcony high above him, Jocasta proceeds quietly to her destination.

Coruscant Security, Clone Troopers and an Imperial Officer look at the smouldering wreckage of the hangar. On first inspections the explosion in the hangar seems to have been Rhydonium based explosion, more than likely a bomb due to the substances volatility. The Officer requests that all the wreckage be transported to Security Bureau Headquarters so they can be reconstructed.  A security guard calls out at something of note. He holds up a piece of metal with the symbol of the Jedi on it. This can’t be right, it must be graffiti. However small a discovery this may be, the Imperial Officer is now duty bound to report it to a new person, with a strange name; Darth Vader.

Vader is meditating in his chamber, with his lightsaber floating before him. He is disturbed by one of his aides, who tells him of a report from the Imperial Security Bureau of an incident possibly connecting to the Jedi. He reaches for the lightsaber and asks him to tell them he is on his way.

Jocasta stands in an alcove in the library and holds out her hand at the shelves. Blue books start to float and change places with each other, once they are settled in their new places, they all turn green and shelves move to reveal a hidden passageway.

She moves inside and is greeted by the droid Cator. The room is like a museum to the Jedi, holocrons, helmets, and even a star fighter are there.

An ISB Officer stands with Vader overlooking the wreckage retrieved from the hangar. He explains that the bomb was set off prematurely as its builders were discovered and the Jedi logo is graffiti. Vader does not agree; the ISB Officer tells Vader he is only here as a courtesy and he reported it to him as per regulations.

Vader slowly clenches his hand and the wreckage starts to float, piece by piece. Each piece moves in to place to reveal the identity of the bomb. The ISB Officer is ensure Vader that his team were only just starting and they would have come to the same conclusion as him given time. This is time they do not have as there is Jedi on the planet.

Jocasta retrieves a data card from the hidden library and is relieved it is still there. Cator has guarded these Jedi treasures and Jocasta thanks for his service and asks him to continue when she is gone. The data card holds a database of all force sensitive children in the galaxy, the seed from which the Jedi can grow again. She says farewell to Cator and leaves.

Jocasta passes along the same path and can see the Grand Inquisitor still at the table reading. He is throwing the books away, disregarding them as drivel. Jocasta knows she needs to pass by and continue on her way, but she can’t. She leaps from the balcony and lands on the table in front of a startled Grand Inquisitor with lightsaber ignited telling him to take his hands off her books.

The Review;

No variants for this issue, but we are treated to a great cover. It is an expansion of the meditation scene from the comic and shows Vader floating as his armour floats around in from of a planet.

The dialogue is excellent and holds the story together well. The artwork and colours used again are consistently first class and some of the perspectives and angles the frames are drawn from are slightly unusual.

The story on a whole is piecing together quite nicely. I must say that this issue didn’t go where I thought it was going. I think we could all guess Jocasta was going back for something important, but I don’t know why, but I was expecting her to meet with Vader sooner.

The Emperor is having to keep Vader in check. He is still new to his Dark Side powers and does have a penchant for a force choke if he doesn’t agree with someone.

R2 units are meant to be known for their loyalty and this is apparent when Beetoo uses Jocasta’s Jedi Star Fighter as a bomb. He forsakes himself for the mission and the greater good which is a good twist. I really enjoyed how this scene played out.

I love the fact that the ISB Officer has never heard of Vader and begrudges him being involved and Vader shows restraint, by not choking him, but channelling his anger into rebuilding the wreckage.

It’s quite ironic that there is a hidden room within the temple that the Sith cannot find. With all those treasures for them to pillage and it’s all under their noses.

For me though, the ending is brilliant. The way the Grand Inquisitor is petulantly throwing away the books and the way Jocasta gives in to her anger. Silly on her behalf as the mission was close to completion, but a great twist which sets up issue 9 quite nicely.


This issue was released on 15th November 2017 and is available via the Marvel App and all good comic book stores. This issue retails at $3.99.

Steve Galloway
Steve was 5 years old when he saw Star Wars for the first time during its first UK cinema release. He considers himself a first generation Star Wars fan and in his own words is a ‘Child of 77’.