Comic Review: Doctor Aphra #2

The Creative Team:

Published By: Marvel Comics
Released On:
Dec 21, 2016
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Penciller: Kev Walker
Cover Artist: Kev Walker

The Synopsis:

Fan-favorite character begins a new journey in STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #1 – the new ongoing series coming this December! From superstar writer Kieron Gillen (Darth Vader) and fan-favorite artist Kev Walker (Marvel Zombies) comes Marvel’s first ongoing series starring an original character created in the comics! Following her time in the clutches of Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra has barely escaped with her life. If he ever learns of her survival, he’ll hunt her to the ends of the galaxy. But for now, it’s time for a return to what she does best. With the droids 0-0-0 and BT-1 in tow, she’s off in search of rare artifacts from the galactic center to the Outer Rim and everywhere in between. Aphra’s got debts to pay after all. Just as long as she can stay one step ahead of the Empire, some Bounty Hunters and just about everyone else in the galaxy!

The Plot:

To catch up with the series so far, go here….

The story follows Dr Aphra and her companions after she has evaded Vader’s wrath, she can now get on with her normal day job, archaeology, or so she thinks as she owes a load of credits and must evade detection from the Empire………

Our galaxy exploring archeologist, Dr Aphra has bumped into her estranged father after what appears to be a long time apart, what ensues is an awkward confrontation between estranged daughter and father in which the dad reveals he has set her up and is responsible for the good doctor having her trading license revoked! Aphras dad then reveals his true intentions, he is blackmailing his daughter as he needs her help! He reveals that he needs help with the ‘Ordu Aspectu’. She agrees they can talk it over and return to Dr Aphras ship.

When they get back to the ship the Dr turns on her father, blaster in hand and orders her evil protocol droid Triple-Zero to torture her dad for information about how he sold her out so she can limit the damage caused, her conscience however gets the better of her and much to Triple-Zeros’ disappointment the torture is called off.

The father them proceeds to tell the story of the ‘Ordu Aspectu’ via a flashback which reveals the ‘Ordu Aspectu’ were an ancient group of people. The flashback features the ‘Ordu Aspectu’ being attacked by the ‘Jedi’ with red lightsabers and the ‘Ordu Aspectu’ defending themselves with blue lightsabers!? After a brief flashback hiatus back on Aphras ship, she offers another version of probable events, also in the form of a flashback in which the roles are reversed and the bad guys have red lightsabers and have padawans as hostages, which they callously kill. It seems that the ‘Ordu Aspectu’ main reason for being was the search for eternal life.

Back on The Ark Angel II Aphras dad believes he has found the ancient race of people and gives his daughter and her crew the coordinates to a 4th ‘forest’ moon. After disembarking the ship, the group stumble upon a massassi temple which is supposed to be abandoned, but lo and behold is occupied by an Imperial force, the temple is on a moon called Yavin 4!

To be Continued……..


The Review:

I had to read this issue a couple of times to make sense of it, but please be assured, that could just be me being slow on the uptake. I found it a bit hard to decipher the flashbacks and their meaning in the whole story, I personally don’t like to have to think too much when I am trying to enjoy something. But in the flashback we get to see some cool looking what looks like Sith and Jedi characters, but it’s still undetermined which is which in my mind. I still enjoy Triple-Zeros’ dry sarcastic wit and it will be interesting to see if Father & Daughter can repair their fractured relationship, which at the moment is full of mis-trust on both sides. Once understood, the story makes sense, and it is great to land on familiar territory on Yavin 4, perfect timing given a certain recent film release. Ending on a panel overlooking a familiar looking temple on Yavin 4 rammed to the hilt with imperial troops and transports, could lead the story in all sorts of exciting and interesting directions!

The art is mostly spot on and captures Aphras expressions from petulant child to hard-nosed explorer perfectly.

Given where this comic ended, I am definitely looking forward to seeing what happens in the next issue.

Issue Preview & Cover Variants:

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Doctor Aphra is an ongoing comic series available from Marvel.  Issues #1-6 will also be collected as a trade paperback (3rd July 2017) entitled: Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Vol. 1.  You can order it now from the following link:

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