Carlos Ezquerra 1947 – 2018

Tributes have been flooding social media since the announcement of the passing of Carlos Ezquerra.

Ezquerra was born on 12th November 1947 in Zaragoza, Spain. In an illustrious and long career, he became well known for his work on Strontium Dog and 2000 A.D. amongst other titles.

Amongst Star Wars comic readers, he will be remembered for his work on Mara Jade: By the Emperor’s Hand, Boba Fett 1/2: Salvage and The Secrets of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.

Team Jedi News would like to pass on our condolences to Carlos’s family and friends at this sad time.

Steve Galloway
Steve was 5 years old when he saw Star Wars for the first time during its first UK cinema release. He considers himself a first generation Star Wars fan and in his own words is a ‘Child of 77’.