Which Actor Has The Most LEGO Minifigures?

Our good friend CapnRex101 at Brickset.com looks at the more than 2,000 different licensed minifigures that have been released since 1999, and which actor is represented by the most LEGO minifigures.

Brickset’s first article on this subject was published a couple of years ago but many more minifigures have been released since then and the leaderboard has changed quite significantly.

The factors which define a minifigure representation of an actor are as follows:

• The minifigure must take direct inspiration from a film or television series*.
• Minifigures, characters, bigfigs, trophy figures and brick-built figures are taken into consideration.
• Motion-capture performances are taken into consideration.
• Voice performances will be discussed in a separate article.
• Acting credits are counted according to IMDB.

* For instance, the Nick Fury minifigure in 76004 Spider-Man: Spider-Cycle Chase does not count towards Samuel L. Jackson’s total. However, the Nick Fury minifigure in 76042 SHIELD Helicarrier does.

Take the link for the results….

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