Toy Fair New York 2017

Toy Fair New York took place between Saturday 18th and Tuesday 21st February at Javits Convention Centre in Hells Kitchen, Manhattan, New York.

One of the largest, varied and inclusive toy fairs on the planet, TFNY once again displayed a huge range of products from every corner of the toy industry, with exhibitors showcasing their wares from countries across the globe. With title of The Last Jedi now ‘out there’ in the wild there was nothing other than the official logo on show, although behind twitching curtains there were certainly plenty of images tucked away.

So what did we see? Our 20+ galleries below show the breadth and width of the Star Wars products on show with the initial focus very much being on the 40th Anniversary releases heading our way soon.

Full commentary of what we saw will be discussed in full on the next two episodes of Star Wars Collectors Cast.

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Last Updated: 23rd Feb at 19:10 GMT