The Brothers Brick Guide to Building a LEGO Battle Droid

Our good friends over at The Brothers Brick have added a tutorial to their website of how to build a LEGO Battle Droid.

Build your own “Roger Roger” droid from Star Wars [Instructions]

The earworm that stuck with me when I walked away from the screening of The Phantom Menace is the “Roger Roger” acknowledgment phrase by the battle droids. You can now build your very own with if you have the right parts on hand, and while you’re at it, builder hachiroku24 has made sure you can articulate them so you can build an army to go with your Star Wars diorama.

Here are the parts that you’ll need to build the battle droids:

You can follow step-by-step instructions in this video:

Looks like an amazing build, so hope you’ve got all the parts needed to bring this one to life! Roger, Roger!