Teresa’s Favorite Star Wars Gadget #4: LEGO Keychains

I love having a Star Wars character on my keys. Even more than that I love having them in LEGO form. I love the LEGO mini figs and having a reason to have them with me all the time is amazing. I have several of these but the one constant that has remained on my keys is Wicket.

I wish there was a full checklist of all the Star Wars characters they have made into keychains. If there is a list I have never seen it. So if anyone has a comprehensive list please toss it my way I can give myself something else to collect. Some of the new keychains now have lights in their feet so they are more useful. I usually pick one up when I go to my local LEGO store or when I am using my LEGO rewards dollars. You know you spend too much on LEGO when you have enough rewards dollars to buy an entire set without spending your own money. So in case you are looking for that perfect keychain try a LEGO Star Wars one they are really fun.

Teresa Delgado
Teresa is a co-host of a number of podcasts including Disney Vault Talk, Fangirls Going Rogue, Star Wars Bookworks (with fellow Team Jedi News member Aaron Goins) and Galactic Fashion alongside Johnamarie Macias on the Jedi News Network.