Reflections of Real Life: Why Games Are Popular In Star Wars

When George Lucas first started piecing together the Star Wars universe, he did so with one goal in mind: to create a world we could all identify with. Despite filling fictional galaxies with all manner of weird and wonderful aliens, Lucas was cognisant of the fact that each element of Star Wars needed to have some implicit link to our reality. Otherwise it wouldn’t be engaging.

Of course, as all creative types will know, inspiration can come from anywhere, and Mr Lucas certainly had lots of it. One area place we can assume the Star Wars creator found something of interest was the world of games. Although fleeting, games do make an appearance over the course of the Star Wars franchise.

New Moves Give Rise to New Forms of Entertainment


Indeed, as the Empire has expanded beyond the movie screen, new elements have been added in an attempt to reflect modern life. For example, gambling inside The Game (a casino on the Outer Rim’s Sorotarr system) was a hit with many characters. It even helped give some context to the popularity of The Galactic Lottery which was first mentioned in the game Star Wars: Tiny Death Star (which Disney pulled in 2014). Why feature a lottery in the Star Wars universe? In reality, we love lotteries. Around since the 15th century, they are now an integral part of modern life for us and the Star Wars universe.

Although Luke Skywalker didn’t have time to play The Galactic Lottery, the game of chance has been around since the construction of the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station and was extremely popular. Before the start of the Clone Wars, Galactic Lottery results would be featured on the HoloNet News Channel. Players would tune-in on a regular basis to check their numbers and see if they’d won a prize. Much like the lotteries we can play across the UK and Europe, Galactic Lottery players could bank Republic Dataries for matching a set amount of numbers to the ones drawn.

Unfortunately, as a human living on earth in the 21st century, the Galactic Lottery is a bit out of reach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an international lottery. Thanks to Lottoland, you can bet on everything from the UK Lotto to some European lottery like EuroMillions, “6 quick picks” on the Irish Lotto and more. By simply pointing, clicking and paying for your ticket, players can ante-up on Europe’s top lotteries without ever having to leave their home. In fact, we’re pretty sure that if it was possible Lottoland would also offer action on the Galactic Lottery.

Our Love of Games is Integral to the Star Wars Universe


Beyond the Galactic Lottery, Dejarik was also popular throughout the galaxy. A holographic game based on chess, the aim of the game was to move the characters into a position where they could attack their opponent’s pieces. The Abafar Junior Dejarik Club in the city of Pons Ora was the most famous place to play the game, but not if you were a Wookiee – they were banned from playing.
Also keeping cross-galaxy travellers amused in the Star Wars series was another Hologame known as Galactic Rebels. Created in the early days of the New Republic, the game allowed players to take on the persona of a hero from the Rebel Alliance. As well as acting as a form of entertainment, the in-game battles against Imperial Forces served as something of a training tool. Indeed, Wookiee Lumpawarrump was a fan of the game and his father, Chewbacca, would often be his character of choice.

Star Wars Gaming in the Future


Will we see another intergalactic game being played in the forthcoming Star Wars offerings? With a precedent clearly set, there’s every chance we could see aliens of all shapes and sizes squaring off in some sort of skill-based game. In fact, given the rise of virtual reality, it’s possible we could see some futuristic takes on the genre where players physically enter a virtual arena and compete for supremacy. For now, however, we’ll just have to enjoy a few rounds of Dejarik and a quick go on the Galactic Lottery if we want a Star Wars gaming fix.