LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2018 – Day 8

It’s day eight of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2018, and we’re already a third of the way through!

Today’s build brings us another minifigure and also continues the theme from yesterday’s Naboo N-1 Starfighter from The Phantom Menace. It’s a Battle Droid and you can never have enough of these. Made up five pieces — legs (1-piece), torso, 2 x arms and head — it’s good to see that a gun is also included, indicating that LEGO may have finally done away with gun racks which we didn’t see last year and haven’t seen so far in 2018.

There’s not a lot more you can say about this minifigure, it serves its purpose well. For fans of the Battle Droid, we can look forward to the new LEGO Star Wars sets coming next month that bring a new decorated Battle Droid from Kashyyyk (see them here).

Join us at 5:01pm GMT tomorrow for a look behind door nine.

Thanks to the LEGO Community Engagement team for all their help and support in 2018, and for providing this set. The views expressed here are our own.

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