LEGO REBRICK – ‘Freighter Wars’ Competition Winners

I was privileged to be asked by the LEGO REBRICK team to be one of the judges in the recent Freighter Wars competition at LEGO.

We spent a long day in Billund deliberating over two thousand entries, the second largest REBRICK competition ever, and had to reduce that number down to just 24 winners in total – there was one grand prize winner, two runners-up, a bonus winner chosen at random, and finally 20 additional bonus winners (also chosen at random).

The winners were chosen on four criteria: –

  • Overall coolness and originality (25%)
  • Most inspired details (25%)
  • Relevance to look and feel of the Star Wars YT Corellian light freighter (25%)
  • Best use of LEGO® elements (25%)

It was a difficult, but interesting process, and the three of us (including two members of the LEGO Star Wars team) all came to the same conclusions, and we were happy that we could justify the decisions made.

The grand prize went to Freighter Wars by Nuno_0937. It was original, and met/exceeded the criteria by which we had to judge. We were all very impressed with the unique design, look and aesthetic of the ship. Nuno_0937 won the UCS Millennium Falcon (set #75192) signed by the designer, Escape the Space Slug (set #6176782), exclusive artwork signed by artists from Lucasfilm, and a certificate of winning.

The next two prizes were runners up, and they both won the UCS Millennium Falcon (set #75192) signed by the designer, Escape the Space Slug (set #6176782), and a certificate of winning. The runners up were the Fabuland Freighter by Terovision, which was simply fabulous and used Duplo elements with fantastic results – we loved this model; and The Millennium Porg by XxPuppyxX3461. The Millennium Porg also used a great deal of elements, we loved its relevance to The Last Jedi, and all the moving parts too.

The final Bonus prize went to the imaginative Freighter Wars by Clarkanine which took the inspiration for the Millennium Falcon – a burger with an olive on the side, and a mouthful bitten out – very effectively, with lots of different building techniques; we loved how the cheese oozes out the sides. Clarkanine won a UCS Millennium Falcon (set #75192) signed by the designer and Escape the Space Slug (set #6176782). Well doen to the four main winners, we hope you enjoy your awesome prizes.

You can view all the other twenty Bonus prize winners here, who won Escape the Space Slug (set #6176782).

Huge congratulations to everyone that took part, we wish you could have all been winners! It was a wonderful experience and I’d like to thank the following teams at LEGO for asking me to take part and facilitating the judging process – LEGO Rebrick, LCE Team and the LEGO Star Wars team.

Look out for some video and audio coming in the next few days detailing the process and announcing the winners.