LEGO Fans Unite to Help Concordia Elementary School in Califronia

After returning to school from a Thanksgiving break, Concordia Elementary School principal Rob McKane was distressed to find that vandals had broken into the Californian school’s library and smashed over a hundred LEGO Star Wars models. Writing on the LEGO Ambassador Network, Jason Petrasich (Ambassador for Orange County LEGO User Group) describes the story of how members from OCLUGG, LUGOLA, SanDLUG, LBLUG and the 501st Legion came together to help.

We had volunteers from OCLUG, LUGOLA, SanDLUG, TIELUG, LBLUG, and the 501st Legion. The “Justice LUG” was born as heroes assembled to right the wrong at Concordia.

Several weeks ago, librarian Jeanna Bassett came in to Concordia Elementary School to find the LEGO Star Wars collection that she displayed there had been vandalised. The LEGO Star Wars sets were on display to help inspire children in the school, located in San Clemente, California, USA. Fans’ hearts went out to the teacher, as they had a unique understanding of how devastated she must have felt.

Thankfully, the LEGO community is a place full of caring, positive people – AFOLs in Southern California would not let Jeanna go unaided in rebuilding her collection. Jason Petrasich, Ambassador for Orange County LEGO User Group, has shared the story of how fans organised to do something really positive.

Members from OCLUGG, LUGOLA,SanDLUG, LBLUG and the costuming group the 501st Legion came together to help. They assessed the damage, then some builders took on models one a time while others sorted pieces. It took three full days at the school, with between 25 and 35 AFOLs helping each day to rebuild most of the sets.

In addition to the rebuilding effort, moved fans and local residents had donated LEGO Star Wars to the Jeanna’s collection, and the Orange County Goodwill donated a built 75192 Millennium Falcon. The LEGO Group donated a LEGO Star Wars VIP card.

Read more at the link below, and well done to all those involved in rebuilding the collection.

SOURCELEGO Ambassador Network
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