Details of LEGO Star Wars Summer Sets from Nuremberg Toy Fair

Andres and Matthias from LEGO fan site, at the Nuremberg Toy Fair earlier today, have shared some news about the summer LEGO Star Wars sets. No photography was allowed, but they were able to share a list of some of the sets we can expect to see for the second half of the year: –

  • Duel on Starkiller Base (#75236) €19.99 features Rey and Kylo Ren
  • Endor Assault* (#75238) €29.99 features Ewoks
  • Hoth Generator* (#75239) €2999
  • Echo Base* (#75241) €59.99
  • Advent Calendar (#75245) €29.99

*New Action Battle sets

From Star Wars Resistance: –

  • Major Vanreg’s TIE-Fighter (#75240) €69.99
  • Black Ace TIE-Interceptor (#75242) €59.99

We believe there may be a couple of sets missing from the above list, and of course there was no news about any sets from Episode IX (expected in early October). Big thanks for Andres and Matthias from for sharing this news, and take the link below to see what other theme’s summer sets were also revealed.

Earlier today, LEGO announced the five sets we’ll be getting in April to celebrate the 20th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars.

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