Brickset Interview with LEGO BrickHeadz Designers Austin & Marcos

On June 1st, as part of the second annual LEGO Fan Media Days, Brickset (Chris and Huw) and me representing Jedi News (along with 16 other groups of recognised LEGO Fan Media) got to sit down with a variety of people from different LEGO themes/areas.┬áBrickset and Jedi News decided to work together, enabling us to get the most out of the limited time we had. The first of these interviews is up on Brickset, and features Huw interviewing the LEGO BrickHeadz designers Austin and Marcos….

Brickset: How did you get involved with Brickheadz?

Austin: Originally, Brickheadz was just a fun side-project for me. I made a gift for my co-worker, an elephant, and that was basically the start. I wanted to continue making them, and since the style was so simple to replicate I started making them for all my co-workers.

I would arrive in the morning and make a simple build of one of my coworkers and present it to them, and they slowly started spreading around the company.

Then, when I was sitting next to Matt Ashton one day he asked me to pitch the idea to the company, to see if they could be turned into a product.

Read on for the rest of the interview at Brickset. There’s a lot more content to come from LEGO Fan Media Days over the next couple of months!