Head on over to WIRED for a lengthy piece the have done on ILM’s visual effects mastermind John Knoll, the creative force behind the development of Disney’s first planned Star Wars standalone film, Rogue One. As I mentioned, it is an article of some length, but it is definitely worth every second of your time to read through it paragraph by paragraph.

Sure, Knoll has the demeanor, appearance, and excitable gee-whizziness of a STEM-obsessed, garage-full-of-half-built-projects dad. But unlike most of those dads, when Knoll takes on a hobby, he gets so good at it that he sometimes changes entire industries.

Like the time Knoll got interested in using computers to edit pictures. He and his brother ended up creating Photoshop—maybe you’ve heard of it? Or when he started tinkering with commercial computer software and incidentally reinvented how moviemakers use it to generate images for film. Or when he got so good at making Star Wars movies that he—well, that brings us to his most recent hobby.