Rob over at the ever-excellent The Bearded Trio has a double whammy of guests this week, as the two Eric’s Blythe and Geller join him from the Forcecast.

Here’s a smattering of their replies.

TBT: What is your biggest fear?

Eric Blythe: Being buried alive. With Gary Busey.

Eric Geller: Massive, public humiliation.

TBT: What is your favourite Spielberg movie?

EB: As writer, director, or producer? As a director, there are a few that are tied for first, so I’ll pick the one I think you probably hear least often. I love A.I. Artificial Intelligence. I think it’s very underrated, and I’m absolutely confused as to why nobody seems to get that it’s a retelling of Pinocchio.

EG: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Some great answers in there. Next week it’s our very own roleplay editor and co-creator of the Setnin sector, Jonathan Hicks.

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