Daisy Ridley Not Happy At Mary Sue Accusation

Speaking with MTV News’ “Happy Sad Confused” podcast Daisy Ridley discussed the thought of Rey being a Mary Sue character as well as working with her co-stars Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill.

“The Mary Sue thing in itself is sexist because it’s the name of a woman. Everyone was saying that Luke had the exact same [capabilities]. I think Rey is incredible vulnerable, and nothing she’s doing is for the greater good. She’s just doing what she thinks is the right thing. And she doesn’t want to do some of it, but she feels compelled to do it. So for me, I was just confused.”

She also touched on the topic of how different it was to act opposite Mark Hamill as opposed to Harrison Ford.

“They’re very uniquely different human beings. It was very different. I don’t know how — just different energies. They’ve lived different lives, and they’re just different people.”