Cavan Scott Interviewed by Tatooine Times

Fabio Fiori at Tatooine Times has been speaking to Cavan Scott about Dooku: Jedi Lost.

What was your initial process for developing Dooku’s origins while connecting events and characters from the prequels and The Clone Wars?

Cavan Scott: The first thing I did was to go back and rewatch his appearances in the films. I constantly watch The Clone Wars anyway, so it’s something I don’t have to go back and do too much as to research because it’s one of my favorites. I went back to those points, and when I was commissioned I was given a list of things that I might want to bring into the story, some notes from story group, you know the kind of areas that we can take the story in, and I looked through that and certain things stood out to me immediately, mostly Sifo-Dyas was one of the points that was mentioned. I was looking at something that would hang the entire story because I knew that I wanted it to be a story that would go from his [Dooku’s] early childhood right the way through the point where he left the Order—that’s 60 years or so of story—to keep nipping in and out of that might have been confusing unless we had someone who got to go on that journey with him, and the only real person that we knew from the original stories would’ve been Yoda, and again I’m not sure Yoda would’ve been the right character to spend so much time with him. Sometimes Yoda is best when he comes in and out of the story rather than staying in it all the way through. As for Sifo he seemed to be a key point for me and so that was really what I based everything on and how I loved the relationship… so it spun out from there.

Fabio conducted the interview over Skype and shared some audio teasers via Twitter in the build to the full release:

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