Anthony Daniels (aka C-3P0) answers your questions!

The team over at JCPR and Microsoft have pointed us in the direction of this fascinating Q&A with C-3PO himself, Anthony Daniels. Anthony answers questions about his years with Star Wars as well as the new Xbox 360 Star Wars Kinect game.

Read on after the break for those questions.

Last week we asked you to submit questions for Anthony Daniels (aka C-3P0 from the Star Wars films) – now it’s time for the answers! Take a look to see if your question got answered, and don’t forget… Kinect Star Wars [PEGI 12] is out now!

What was your favourite scene in any of the Star Wars films? (Oliver Gerrard)

Telling Han Solo that he was to be the main course at a banquet given in my honour.

How did you come up with the C-3PO voice? (Sammy Aldrich)

6 months of thought. 1 nano-second of inspiration as 3PO came to life (so to speak) when he first heard,”Action!”

Are there any particular funny stories that happened on set? (Louise Victoria Scothern)

In Revenge Of The Sith I ushered Obi-Wan into Padme’s sitting room and left them to it. Out of sight I tripped and all but fell out of a window. I heard Ewan’s voice calling, with true concern, “Are you all right, Anthony?” What a nice bloke, I thought. Next day I saw the rushes. He and Natalie were clearly distracted by a noise in the middle of their scene.

When they glanced off camera, their first look of shock was quickly replaced by a fit of giggles, as they saw 3PO’s golden butt stuck up in the air. I too could see the funny side but poor 3PO. And Ewan is a nice guy.

The Force or a lightsaber – if you had to choose only one in real life, which one would it be?

A lightsaber might be useful since I don’t have a chainsaw and there’s infinity of trees in my world. But The Force. Telling a traffic warden that he doesn’t need to ticket my car (I don’t need to tic. etc.) Getting a last minute reservation in a good restaurant on a Saturday night. (You can have a table for six in half an hour.etc). I wonder what everyone else would do with their Force.

How does it feel knowing you played one of the most famous robots in the world? (Josh Boznia Lester)

Looking back, it seems rather an odd thing to have done for over three decades. It’s only in the last three years that I have begun to realise the importance that the saga has in people’s lives. Hosting the live spectacular, Star Wars In Concert, I faced thousands of people every night who were overwhelming in their enthusiastic response, not only to the show but to the whole story with its memorable moments and iconic characters.

3PO is one of the icons. I’m proud of him. He’s not me. I’m not an icon but I am proud to be a part of it all.

Did you think the Star Wars franchise would be this big when you first got chosen to be C3PO? (Marc Leyland)

I never thought of myself as “The Chosen One!” But I suppose 3PO chose me and I chose him (with George Lucas getting involved somewhere along the line).

And it wasn’t a franchise. It was just one strange little film that no one seemed to understand on the set. Apart from Mr Lucas. The English crew weren’t used to his way of filming. And none of us was used to the sort of dialogue we were required to speak. Especially me. Being a robot wasn’t part of the curriculum at my drama school. But being a character was. So we all muddled through. And then the film opened. Then it became a trilogy, a double trilogy, a franchise, a giant sand pit, a forever.

How does it feel to see your character C-3PO in the Kinect Star Wars game?

It’s an inspired extension of the whole Star Wars experience, letting the player feel they are a part of that universe. 3PO is definitely a part of that world too. It’s an example of where technology is taking all of us. Who knows where it will all end. If it ever does.