I’ve just got home after hot-footing it back up the M1 and the M6 to Lightsabre Towers after myself and James enjoyed a fantastic evening at the London Film Museum and the official launch party for Star Wars Kinect.

First off, and most importantly, it’s got to be said – this game absolutely rocks. All of the four levels (Dance Off, Rancor Rampage, Pod Race and Jedi Destiny) work brilliantly and are great fun to play. Dance Off is, as you’d expect, very much like the more mainstream dance games on the Kinect, but set in the Star Wars universe, and the screens we saw showed a funkyfied Lando Calrissian dancing on the carbon freezing chamber, and a slinky Leia in her metal bikini showing all and sundry how it’s done in Jabba’s court.

Pod Race was my personal favourite. Fast, with amazing graphics and satisfyingly responsive, the race was a blast through the Boonta Eve Classic replete with familiar friends and foes as well as unexpected but welcome additions such as Buzz droids and moisture vaporators. And in 3D mode it was awesome. This alone would sell the game like hot cakes, but add in the just plain crazy Rancor Rampage and you have a recipe for success. Basically a Hulk-SMASH! for the Star Wars generation, this mode allows you to trash Mos Eisley, hurl enemies vast distances and wreck everything in sight. The final mode is Jedi Destiny, the core of the game and a very impressive mode to play. Using an array of hand movements you can use the force, parry and attack with the lightsabre, force run; you imagine it, you can pretty much do it. As a wise man once said “Most impressive.”

The event, hosted by our good friend Jonathan Sands at the London Film Museum overlooking the Thames, was filled with celebrities. Peter Serafinowicz, John Hannah, Charley Boorman, Daniel Roche and Sarah Cox all attended, many of them having a blast at the games and its various modes. Stars of Hollyoaks and Eastenders were there and guest of honour was the irrepressible Anthony Daniels, who mingled with stars and guests alike.

A great night was had by all and for that we must thanks Microsoft, Baz from JCPR and Jonathan Sands for putting on a fantastic event that launched Star Wars Kinect in fine fashion.

Mark Newbold
Former Daily Content Manager and Program Director for Jedi News and the podcast network. Co-host RADIO 1138 and Take Cover on the Jedi News Network.

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