Worlds at War: Run a Clone Wars Campaign

The Rise of the Separatists Sourcebook — coming very soon — helps players and Game Masters alike in exploring the tones and themes of The Clone Wars period of galactic strife, with new mechanics and narrative frameworks to bring to your Star Wars Roleplaying campaigns.

The fates of entire factions rest in the hands of the individuals who care deeply for their cause, but the challenges of war—and the costs required for victory—can sometimes cause those same people to break with their former allies and masters. To dramatize these conflicts and set up situations to force the player characters to face the same choices, GMs need to understand the motivations of the different factions, as well as the behind-the-scenes machinations of each faction’s most powerful actors.

Rise of the Separatists looks in-depth at the origins and organization of the biggest players in the Clone Wars, from the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems to the Jedi Order and the secretive Sith. Game Masters will benefit from a deep dive into the political structures of the Republic, from the past and present factions of the Senate, to the committees and bureaucracies that oversee Republic policy. A cast of political aides and NPC profiles for prominent figures like Padmé Amidala allows GMs to craft their own intrigues and double-crosses involving threats of corruption, sedition, militarism, or secession.

Seen by some as a new, authoritarian extension of Republic authority, the Jedi Order plays a key part in the current state of galactic politics. An overview of the hierarchy of the Jedi High Council and the other councils of the order offers plot hooks and moral quandaries for player characters to explore. Many wonder whether the Jedi have lost their way, sacrificing introspection and balance with the Force for immediate results on the battlefield. For the Separatists, this once-proud tradition seems to have become a mere pawn of the corrupt and ineffectual Senate. And with the Jedi sustaining heavy losses in the escalating fight, padawans are swiftly promoted to knights, and forced to train even younger padawans before their own training is truly complete.

This era sourcebook also pulls back the curtain on the inner workings of the Grand Army of the Republic. A huge bureaucracy is vital to oversee the deployment and supply of clone regiments, local garrisons, and starfighter patrols, as well as medics and mechanics. In addition to fleshing out the forces of the Republic, including stock NPC profiles for archetypal figures, this book also provides Game Masters with a wide array of battle droid minions and adversaries to build up the CIS armies in their games, as well as the figures who have worked behind the scenes to secure their planet’s independence and prosperity. From the cunning Count Dooku to villains like Asajj Ventress and General Grievous, GMs can challenge the PCs with true nemeses over the course of the entire campaign.

Though the true origins of the Clone Wars are shrouded in secrecy, the citizens of the galaxy are all too familiar with the cost they have had to bear. Profiles on the planets Geonosis, Kamino, Naboo, and Tatooine during this era provide additional context for the fighting as well as high stakes for the continually unfolding conflict. Each planet features modular encounters and planet-specific histories, points of interest, and recaps of famous battles fought there during the Clone Wars.

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