What Could Have Been: Republic Commando Sequel Plans

Jordan Maison brings us a fascinating look into what could have been had a sequel to Republic Commando ever been released.

Fans have long clamored for a sequel to Star Wars: Republic Commando, especially since the ending left on something of a cliffhanger and one character’s fate unresolved. I got the chance to speak with the game’s lead programer Brett Douville who revealed what WOULD have happened to the character if the sequel had happened. Come inside to check it out!
LucasArts had a nasty habit of leaving their Star Wars gaming franchises behind without tying up loose ends, they are still something that keeps gamers talking all these years later. Last year, I was happy to chat with Haden Blackman about The Force Unleashed and the ideas for what another sequel could have been…and that only made me eager to delve into more Star Wars games we needed answers from.

Mark Newbold
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