Tips & Tricks For Navigating Kashyyyk In Star Wars Battlefront II

Electronic Arts has posted an update that helps players with navigating through the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk in Star Wars Battlefront II. Check out the intro to their article copied below and then take the supplied source link for the full read. And for more news/updates on Battlefront II, be sure take a few moments to browse through the Related Articles section located at the bottom of this post.

Home of the Wookiees, Kashyyyk was crowned by giant wroshyr trees, rising several hundred meters tall and massive enough to carry entire communities. One such settlement was the coastal city of Kachirho.

As seen in Star Wars™: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith™, a momentous series of events unfolded at this very spot. Here, the Separatist droid army exploited Kachirho’s placement on the beach to launch an assault against the Galactic Republic and the supporting Wookiees. This large-scale skirmish took place during the final moments of the Clone Wars, and where Master Yoda was seen evading Emperor Palpatine’s execution of Order 66.

But Kachirho on Kashyyyk is also home to intense battles in Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II. Below, we’re giving you a guided tour through some of its most contested areas and offering some survival tips as we go.

Remember that these are only a few friendly suggestions! The best way to become a fierce combatant on Kashyyyk is, of course, to deploy on the home world of the mighty Chewbacca yourself.