The Mandalorian and the Child Coming to Disney Emoji Blitz have revealed new The Child and Mandalorian emoji’s for Disney Emoji Blitz.

The Mandalorian and the Child Coming to Disney Emoji Blitz

Unlock the masked warrior and the adorable young alien in a special event from February 15-18!

Disney Emoji Blitz players, get ready for the galaxy’s favorite new duo.

The Child and titular bounty hunter from The Mandalorian are coming to Disney Emoji Blitz by Jam City, is excited to announce. Play the Star Wars Challenge from February 15-18 and collect the popular characters, featuring power-ups that reflect the stories of the Disney+ series.

Get a first look at the Child and the Mandalorian in Disney Emoji Blitz below, with each sporting the game’s classic, super-cute look.

For more on Star Wars in Disney Emoji Blitz, check out’s interview with the game’s associate producer, as well as our chat with its executive producer and art director.

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Disney Emoji Blitz is available now.
Steve Galloway
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