The Rivals Draft Set for Star Wars: Destiny arrives at retailers on February 15th. That means you’ll soon have your chance to play Destiny like a Star Wars mercenary –assembling whatever crew you can to complete your mission and defeat your rivals!

The product’s release also heralds the arrival of the Rivals Limited Event, in which you can hunt for the bounties from our Rivals Draft Kit. Each kit supports two eight-player tournaments. Attend a Rivals Limited Event, and you won’t just get the cards you pull from your draft or sealed packs — you’ll also walk away with a selection of extended art versions of cards from the Draft Set. And since your fixed-distribution Rivals Draft Set is reusable for any number of draft or sealed events, you’ll also be able to show off these stunning cards during those events in place of the copies included in the set.

Don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy a whole new Destiny experience. Make your plans to attend a Rivals Limited Event and test your skills in the game’s new draft and sealed formats!

Fulfill Your Destiny — Pick up new cards. Enjoy new gaming experiences. Earn cool prizes.

Whether you’re new to Destiny or a grizzled old Clone Wars veteran, the Rivals Limited Event is your chance to indulge your mercenary instincts—load up your deck with all the best gear, blur the lines of morality, and do your best to claim the bounty.

Talk to your local retailer, and make your plans to attend a Rivals Limited Event. The action begins with the release of the Rivals Draft Set on February 15th! Read more at the link below….