Star Wars: Legion – Preview the Separatist Alliance Forces in the Clone Wars Core Set

Fantasy Flight Games preview the Separatist Alliance Forces in The Clone Wars Core Set for Star Wars: Legion.

Within this Core Set, you’ll find the units that will form the cornerstone of your Separatist Alliance armies, including an unpainted, finely detailed General Grievous miniature ready to lead your forces into battle. Following Grievous into battle are eighteen unpainted B1 Battle Droid miniatures—enough for two full corps units—and a unit of two Droidekas represented on the field by two pairs of miniatures: one in their standard upright stance and another in the speedy wheel mode.

Sinister Cyborg

Even with a droid army that vastly outnumbers their opponents’, victory for the Separatists is not guaranteed. In addition to facing clones bred for battle, Separatist droids must also contend with powerful Jedi Knights wielding the power of the Force. While few are capable of matching a Jedi in combat, General Grievous is one such warrior.

Grievous proudly uses the Jedi’s signature weapon against them, brandishing the trophy lightsabers he’s collected from his vanquished foes in battle. These weapons prove just as dangerous in Grievous’s hands as they do a Jedi’s, allowing him to make powerful attacks while also blocking incoming blows and blaster bolts alike. Better yet, Grievous carries four lightsabers, allowing him to take on several enemy units at once. While General Grievous may not have the Force-attuned reflexes of a Jedi, his cybernetic body makes him just as quick to react, helping him avoid the piercing blows of any lightsabers or blasters used against him.

Whether he enters battle with only his lightsabers or pairing them with his personal DT-57 “Annihilator” blaster, General Grievous savors the opportunity to battle his enemies at close range. Before he can make such an attack, however, Grievous must first close the distance with his target. Fortunately, a variety of modifications make him particularly adept at traversing the battlefield. His cybernetic modifications give him the power to maintain top speed on any type of terrain and also allow him to immediately scale any obstacles he encounters without slowing down or taking damage.

Grievous will relentlessly pursue and attack any target loyal to the Republic, of course, but he has a particular hatred for Jedi. As such, he has a better chance of landing blows against units with a Force upgrade icon, letting him quickly dispatch some of the opposing army’s most useful assets. What’s more, Grievous has been trained in the Jedi arts by Count Dooku himself, making him even more of a threat to those who would challenge him to a close-range duel.

Even when he isn’t in the thick of battle, General Grievous is a ruthless tactician whose army is his deadliest weapon. With the massive numbers of battle droids under his command, General Grievous is unafraid to use Aggressive Tactics to accomplish his objectives. When he does, he grants surge tokens to up to four units in addition to their faceup order tokens, better preparing them for the challenges of the battle ahead.

One of the primary advantages of a droid army is that its soldiers can easily be replaced. General Grievous takes advantage of this fact to the fullest, using his position as Supreme Commander of the Separatist army to have his army’s more expendable units absorb the fire directed at more valauble troops, including himself. At the same time, Grievous takes this opportunity to become even more versatile and ready himself to both defend or attack with even more surge tokens.

Finally, General Grievous doesn’t simply want to achieve his army’s goals; he wants to completely annihilate his enemies on the field. As such, he won’t hesitate to order his troops to crush his opponents,  even when his army already holds an advantage.

Read more here, and look for the Star Wars: Legion Clone Wars Core Set (SWL44) which is set to be released in the third quarter of 2019. Pre-order now from your local game store or direct from the Fantasy Flight Games website here — happy gaming!