Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Won’t Let You Dismember Stormtroopers

Aaron Contreras, the narrative lead at developer Respawn, explains how the team’s goal was to follow the guidelines that we’ve seen play-out on screen in all Star Wars films, and that limb loss is saved for significant moments.

In another franchise, this would be an odd thing to focus on. But dismemberment and Star Wars lightsabers have gone hand in hand since the beginning, when Obi-Wan sliced off Ponda Baba’s arm in A New Hope at the Mos Eisley Cantina. It was a shocking, visceral way to show off the awesome power of a lightsaber. Fans have noticed the lack of lost limbs in the new game, too. A quick glance at the Fallen Order subreddit finds dozens of threads debating dismemberment.

But according to Aaron Contreras, the narrative lead at developer Respawn, the team’s goal here is to follow the guidelines that Star Wars films themselves have established by saving the loss of limbs for more important moments.

“So, with Jedi: Fallen Order we’ve really followed the authentic Star Wars / Lucasfilm realization of dismemberment. Which is that it happens in big story moments occasionally, but you don’t see it happening constantly to sentient people.” In other words: if someone is going to lose a hand in Fallen Order, it’s going to happen in a climatic story moment and not cheapened by letting players do it to hundreds of faceless goons.

And the game won’t be completely free of dismemberment, either. As Contreras explains, “Droids and creatures that you fight will be dismembered on a frequent basis, but otherwise we save it for big moments.” Having played an extended portion of the game, I can confirm that Fallen Order doesn’t shy away here: while stormtroopers would go down with some glowing scorch marks, enemy droids and giant rat creatures were properly sliced and diced.

“We’ve really worked throughout the entire development process with Lucasfilm. And this is a Star Wars thing, this is how Star Wars treats dismemberment and the lightsaber. So we’re trying to stay true to the Lucasfilm vision of what the lightsaber is and how it should be used,” notes Contreras.

Read more hereStar Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is released on November 15th 2019 on PS4, Xbox and PC. If you live in the UK you could win a copy of the game, take the link to find out more. Happy gaming!

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