Star Wars 1313: A Thinking Gamer’s Game

Colin Campbell over at IGN just posted a story outlining the thoughts of the LucasArts team behind the mature focus of Star Wars 1313.

Dominic Robilliard, creative director at LucasArts told IGN, “The danger of this world needs to live in the moment-to-moment gameplay. And so we’ve got mechanics that are about a character who’s limited by the range of human ability, and the extraordinary things you get to do are very much based around this bounty hunter gear and the gadgets. But ultimately he’s honorable in a way that I think is easier to relate to.”

Justin LaSalata
Located in New York with his wife Dianna, Justin LaSalata is the US Editor of Jedi News responsible for reporting on all areas of Star Wars related news as well as coverage from NY Comic Con and Toy Fair NY.