Back in May we heard word from Electronic Arts that a sequel to Star Wars Battlefront was in the works and expected to launch sometime in 2017. That was about all we had from EA – a release year. Nothing more specific than that.

However, based on the comments made by EA CFO Blake Jorgensen during the company’s Q2 Earnings Conference Call that took place yesterday, that time frame may have been narrowed down just a bit to the Fall of 2017.

During Electronic Arts’ second quarter earnings call, the company signaled that a Star Wars Battlefront sequel should hit next fall.

In the question and answer period of the call, Blake Jorgensen, EA CFO, talked about the various Star Wars titles the company has in the works. He described the timing of the next Star Wars Battlefront title as, “a year from now.”

Previously, the company has said a new Battlefront title would appear in 2017, but Jorgensen’s comments seem to narrow that a bit.