Preview the Ships in the Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack for X-Wing

Fantasy Flight Games preview the Republic ships from The Clone Wars coming soon in the Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack for X-Wing.

From heightened senses and lightning-fast reflexes to precognition, Jedi Knights can display their control over the Force in a wide variety of ways. It is only natural, then, that they bring these skills to their space battles against the Separatists. While the Separatists make extensive use of calculate tokens to enhance their cheap droid fighters, the Galactic Republic’s pilots tap into the Force at an unprecedented level.

Many factions have Force-sensitive pilots, but none have as many as the Galactic Republic and none incorporate the use of the Force into the very design of their starfighters. The Delta-7 Aethersprite can make even an anonymous Jedi Knight’s Force powers more pronounced, allowing them to perform actions that would be impossible for other pilots. Already capable of a wide range of actions, the Delta-7’s Jedi pilots can spend a Force charge to perform a new purple evade action. Better yet, the Delta-7’s Fine-Tuned Controls give them the power to spend a Force charge to perform a boost or barrel roll action after they fully execute a maneuver.

With these features, it’s easy to see how even a young Jedi Knight can turn the Delta-7 into an effective starfighter. In the hands of a true master, however, the Delta-7 can be flown with unmatched precision, making it a true terror to face in battle. Not only do legendary Jedi Masters like Obi-Wan Kenobi have larger Force capacities than less-skilled Jedi, they also feature a wide range of abilities that let them put these tokens to good use. In Kenobi’s case, he can spend a Force charge to gain a focus token after a friendly ship nearby—including himself—spends a focus token!

Most Jedi serving as generals lead the Republic forces into battle and look for any way they can to support their troops. A skilled master like Plo Koon,  for example, can take a bit of pressure off any novice Jedi or clone pilots that he’s flying with by spending a Force charge to transfer a green token from himself to another nearby friendly ship at the beginning of the Engagement Phase. Alternatively, should another friendly pilot find themselves jammed or tractored, Plo Koon can also transfer an orange token from another friendly ship to himself, keeping them up and running.

Rather than maintaining his focus throughout a battle or acting as a mentor to other pilots, Saesee Tiin instead excels at using the Force to predict where enemy ships are moving. He can spend a Force charge after a friendly ship at Range 0–2 reveals its dial to set that dial to another maneuver of the same speed and difficulty. With the Force as his guide, Saesee Tiin can drastically alter course to get a better position on the enemy and take them by surprise.

Between these abilities, Force upgrades like Brilliant Evasion,  and the Delta-7’s built-in abilities, the Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack gives Jedi pilots plenty of options for spending their Force charges. So many, in fact, that they will inevitably have to choose which Force abilities to use. For a Jedi Master like Mace Windu,  however, this is less of a concern. He recovers a Force charge after fully executing a red maneuver, ensuring that he’ll always have a good supply of charges to spare—so long as he’s pushing his ship to the limits.

Although the stress from this ability prevents Windu from performing additional actions, he can still modify his focus results with his Force charges, helping him surprise his opponents with a Koiogran Turn or a sudden Segnor’s Loop. This also makes him an ideal candidate to equip his Delta-7 with the Calibrated Laser Targeting that adds a focus to his primary attack if the defender is in his bullseye arc.

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