The fine folks at Fantasy Flight Games preview the Star Wars Sourcebook included in Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game 30th Anniversary Edition, a collection of Star Wars knowledge that sparked the imagination of Game Masters over 30 years ago, now lovingly recreated and repackaged in a deluxe slipcase for modern gamers to enjoy.

Originally released in 1987, the many starships, vehicles, droids, creatures, and aliens detailed in the Star Wars Sourcebook imparted knowledge on a legion of fans hungry for more Star Wars. How does an X-Wing work? What’s inside a lightsaber? The Star Wars Sourcebook was the first publication to dive in and answer these questions, and its influence in developing the original Star Wars canon cannot be overstated.

Take to the Stars — It would be difficult for a group of adventures to explore the galaxy without a starship to take them to the stars. The first part of the Star Wars Sourcebook focuses on the various starships found in the Star Wars galaxy, and that’s about as technical as it gets.

Rather than just listing the famous ships found in the Star Wars galaxy, the sourcebook begins by explaining individual components and getting into hyperdrives, sensors, shields and more. Not only does this give readers a clear understanding of ships in Star Wars, but it provided the building blocks that allowed Game Masters to come up with their own forms of transportation, or explain precisely what happened when a ship becomes damaged.

Of course, players want to pilot some of the most famous ships from the Star Wars saga, and here, the sourcebook once again provides in detail. Everything from the X-wing, to various types of TIE fighters, to the Millennium Falcon itself are covered in the book, ensuring that Game Masters have all the answers they need for players who want to take to the stars.

Like everything found in the Star Wars Sourcebook, this information is presented in the context of the Star Wars galaxy. You can learn about the galaxy’s most famous ships in the form of an advertisement for the X-wing detailing its primary parts, or you may examine a technical readout for the Millennium Falcon, signed off on by Han Solo himself.

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