Preview Iden Versio and ID10 Commander Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

Fantasy Flight Games preview the Iden Versio and ID10 Commander Expansion for Star Wars: Legion.

The Empire has many enemies. But whenever and wherever a threat against it may rise, Inferno Squad is there to snuff it out. An elite unit known for protecting the Empire with no questions asked, Inferno Squad’s reputation for ruthless efficiency largely stems from its commander: Iden Versio.

Trained to serve the Empire from an early age, Versio is an elite soldier unafraid to employ unconventional tactics as she coolly commands Inferno Squad in their mission to snuff out anything and everything that may pose a threat to the Empire. Soon, you’ll be able to call upon Versio and her ID10 seeker droid on the battlefields of Star Wars™: Legion with the Iden Versio and ID10 Commander Expansion!

Allowing you to tap into Versio’s skills as both a leader and a soldier, this expansion unlocks even more strategies for your Imperial armies. Four command cards—three for Iden Versio and one for ID10—give you the chance to shake up your tactics on the fly, while nine upgrade cards invite you to outfit Versio and ID10 with additional weapons, equipment, and more.

Before Versio even sets foot on the battlefield, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to customize the look of the unpainted hard plastic miniature you find in this expansion. Not only can you assemble it with three distinct weapons, including an E-11 blaster rifle, a TL-50 repeater, or a DLT-20A rifle, you can also choose whether Iden Versio appears with her signature Inferno Squad helmet, her helmet and its respirator, or with no helmet.

In Command

Iden Versio was born into the Empire and will do whatever is necessary to erase its enemies and guard its secrets. Her time at the Future Imperial Leaders Military Preparatory School of Vardos helped her gain a mastery of combat and the skills she learned there are evident in the thick of battle.

No ordinary Stormtrooper, Versio is an expert Marksman who can spend aim tokens to improve her attack die results. At the same time, years of training and combat experience have given her the quick thinking to both pull off carefully aimed shots and prepare to nimbly dodge enemy attacks even in her Imperial armor.

Despite her superior combat skills, her ability to prepare may ultimately be Iden Versio’s greatest strength. Never one to be caught off guard, she can change her loadout when she deploys, swapping out upgrades of the same type for those of equal or lesser point cost. This can greatly alter her role in your army, giving you the freedom to choose if she takes a more direct role in a battle with her TL-50 Repeater or if she picks off targets from a distance with her DLT-20A Rifle.

No matter what equipment you decide to outfit her with, you can also wait to decide what role Versio plays in your army up to the moment she deploys. If you decide to pass her duties as a leader off to another commander in your army, she becomes a covert operative with the ability to enter the battlefiled anywhere beyond range three of all enemy units, putting pressure on your opponent right away.

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