UPDATED: Playing as Count Dooku in Star Wars Battlefront II

UPDATE: Shortly after we posted this story, StarWars.com was updated with an interview Lucasfilm’s dandy Dan Brooks conducted with assistant producer Michael Daily about the development process of adding Count Dooku as a playable character in the game.

Original story below.


Electronic Arts has posted a community update that details how to play as Count Dooku in Star Wars Battlefront II including his special abilities, associated Star Cards, lines of dialogue (recorded by The Clone Wars voice actor Corey Burton) and more. The specific day in January when players would be able to play as Dooku in the game was officially revealed at the start of this month. Check out the intro to EA’s article copied below and then take the supplied source link for all the gaming details.

We’re kicking off 2019 with the arrival of Count Dooku and some changes to Geonosis. We’ll be making Geonosis available in a selection of other game modes, including Arcade. The update is scheduled to release on January 23rd.

A master duelist, Count Dooku excels at close combat with a lightsaber and can deflect lightsabers easier than other lightsaber heroes.

While his skills with a lightsaber are to be feared, opponents will also be wise to avoid his Lightning Stun ability, where he can quickly unleash a blast of lightning. Opponents caught in the blast radius will be thrown to the ground.

Calculating and confident, you should approach Count Dooku with caution. Count Dooku will be available to unlock via credits only, costing 35,000.