Over at the Official Site Dazzling Dan Brooks chats with ILMxLAB executive creative producer Mark Miller about the hot 360 experience Rogue One Recon.

Lucasfilm and ILMxLAB’s Rogue One: Recon, an immersive 360 experience set before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, debuted last week in Verizon stores and was released today on the official Star Wars YouTube channel. Concepted, written, and directed by John Knoll — the legendary visual effects innovator who dreamed up Rogue One — it follows two Rebel pilots that stumble upon some Imperial chatter, leading them to a very, very big space station. (The one that would later be mistaken for a small moon.) But here’s where things get innovative. Through it all, you control the lead pilot’s POV. Look right and see your squadmate. Look left and see the stars. Look up and see a massive Star Destroyer overhead, so dangerously close you’ll slink in your seat. It’s a thrilling way to experience visual storytelling, and is a sign that storytelling is changing thanks to minds like those at ILMxLAB. StarWars.com e-mailed with Mark Miller, ILMxLAB executive creative producer, to discuss the making of Rogue One: Recon.