Check out the following video posted by Sid Shuman over on the official PlayStation Blog site that gives us a closer look at the story mode for EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II title.

Hard to believe that it’s already been more than a month (A whole month!) since EA announced Star Wars Battlefront II at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida.

Though details are still scarce, it’s clear that Battlefront II is shaping up to be an ambitious game that looks to expand upon its predecessor’s popular competitive multiplayer in a host of ways: deeper customization, more playable heroes, and a story-driven, single-player mode.

So we jumped at the chance to spend a few minutes with some of the game’s lead designers, including Mark Thompson, director at EA Motive, and Matt Webster, executive producer at EA Criterion Games.

I also enjoyed chatting with Steve Blank, a creative executive in LucasFilm’s story group, about how the project came to life and how it fits into the larger Star Wars mythos.