New ILMxLAB Vader Immortal – Episode I Character Posters Revealed

During today’s episode of The Star Wars Show Lucasfilm revealed images of an assortment of six character posters from ILMxLAB’s Vader Immortal VR experience that will be available for fans to acquire at the Lucasfilm pavilion (Booth #2913) at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con. Each poster will be in short supply during each day at the convention, so you’ll want to make sure you visit the Lucasfilm pavilion early & often to have the best chance of obtaining them all.

And speaking of obtaining them all, the Darth Vader poster will only be available to attendees of the ILMxLAB “Star Wars Stories” panel scheduled for Friday, July 19 from 4:00pm – 5:00pm in Room 7AB. Click each image provided in the gallery below for a closer look at the posters courtesy of

Fate has chosen you — to get spectacular Vader Immortal posters at San Diego Comic-Con.

As revealed on The Star Wars Show, ILMxLAB is giving away brand-new Vader Immortal collectible posters at the pop-culture event. The six posters feature characters from Episode I of the innovative Star Wars VR experience, including the Black Bishop, Darth Vader, Admiral Karius, Mustafarian Priestess, Vylip, and ZO-E3. A limited amount of the posters will be available each day of the show at the Lucasfilm pavilion (booth #2913) — but the Sith Lord won’t be so easy to capture. You’ll have to attend ILMxLAB’s “Star Wars Stories” panel on Friday to obtain the Darth Vader poster.