Despite being written off by many critics during its early days, bitcoin could soon be considered a genuine mainstream global currency. While bitcoin was originally marketed as a currency free from government restrictions and not tied to any traditional banks, the ever-evolving technology is now being viewed as something that could be set to improve the world’s financial system from top to bottom. The number of new companies that are now creating blockchains, the ledger system where bitcoin transactions, is growing on a monthly basis – highlighting the increasing popularity the digital currency has experienced in recent years.
The fact that that anyone, anywhere in the world can buy games, music or movies with bitcoin – and Netflix may well be the next major brand to start accepting the cyber currency as payment. Another of the long line of industries that has begun to embrace bitcoin has been the gaming world. Integrating the crypto currency was something of a no brainer for digital distribution platforms.
In the gaming world, earlier this year we saw PC gaming platform Steam’s open its gates to bitcoin as a payment method to its 125 million active users, and games such as Star Wars: Battlefront and No Man’s Sky can now be purchased using the digital currency. Another area of gaming that has wasted little time in embracing bitcoin has been online casinos. For those that want to gamble on bitcoin price and gamble with bitcoins, there are some fantastic sites out there such as Vegas Casino, and casino fans can now play their favourite games such as blackjack and slots using crypto currency.
In fact, true to its futuristic concept, Star Wars has been used to promote the growing popularity of bitcoin, with a range of themed t-shirts released featuring slogans such as “May The Coin Be With You”. It certainly isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that Han Solo, Luke and Yoda would have made the switch to bitcoin from Galactic Standard Credit had they had the chance.
Whether it’s being able to buy Star Wars games or t-shirts inspired by the franchise promoting bitcoin, it all further shows how mainstream the digital currency is becoming. From being able to pay for holidays to playing casino games, it appears only a matter of time before you can use bitcoin to pay from everything from food to football tickets, chocolate cakes to cars.
The use of fashion to promote a popular trend isn’t a new concept, but it is one that is extremely effective. With nearly half of 18-34 years olds regularly shopping online, promoting bitcoin through t-shirt designs and viral videos looks set to continue as the crypto currency begins to expand and attract younger users. With Star Wars gaining yet another generation of fans following the huge success of the seventh movie from the franchise, and the first in a new trilogy – the second of which will hit the big screen in 2017 – there are a lot people who could soon be discovering the benefits of bitcoin purely because of a t-shirt.
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